Steer your business in the right direction analyzing your

online and social mentions

Our web and social media analytics empowers you to listen to what your customers say about your brand online and make informed decisions.

Our solution uses AI, NLP, sentiment analysis, and social listening to classify comments and reviews from YouTube, Amazon, eBay, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Improve brand management and online performance with our advanced social media analytics and reporting.

How can our Web and Social Media Analytics help your business?

Gain insights into your customers, competitors, and users by analyzing thousands of online reviews and social media posts within minutes from various online media.

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Aspect-based sentiment analysis

Happy customers bring in more revenue. Our platform empowers you to understand customer voices and address specific customer needs with tailored messages. You can comprehend your customers’ emotions and prioritize where to focus your services.

Understand the sentiments of your customers tracking polarity in comments and reviews

Provide better customer experience tracking problems that repeat frequently

Improve customer satisfaction tracking unhappy customers and resolving their needs quickly

Identify and categorize the features of your product going beyond the top-level positive and negative reactions

Brand monitoring

Maintaining a positive online presence is essential for your business as every negative review or feedback will continue to affect your brand image in a highly socially active world. With our social media data analytics and reporting, you can track what your customers are talking about, opinions, feedback, or ratings about your business.

Track your online mentions to ensure there only positive trails of your brand online

Mitigate any PR crisis with instant notifications for any negative mentions

Ensure to create positive brand presence monitoring conversations about your brand online

Filter and analyze content based on age, language, geography, demographics, sentiments, content-type, and more

online brand monitoring tools
Competitive benchmarking

Competitive benchmarking

Valuable insights can be gained from monitoring your competitors. You can observe your competitors and optimize your strategies to improve your outreach and performance.

Track your competitors’ online mentions and understand what their audience like about them

Compare your brand mentions and performance against competitors

Identify best practices tracking their performance against key social metrics

Meaningful trends and patterns

The social world is revolutionizing each day. Your brand needs to keep with the evolving trends to stay in touch with your audience. Our AI-enabled social listening empowers you to see what’s trending in the online world and grab opportunities.

Expand your reach collaborating with top influencers

Drive more engagement creating content around trending topics

Raise your brand visibility identifying hashtags and mentions

social media trends
Targeted marketing

Targeted marketing

Our comprehensive audience and marketing analytics allow you to identify your target audience and reach them with the right offer. You can maximize your ROI tracking key metrics and positioning your campaigns efficiently.

Track your prospects and identify where your customers are engaging online

Increase your reach with our analysis, position your campaigns and advertisements across various platforms

Reach the local audience offering targeted tailored campaign

Customer reviews aggregated for an automobile manufacturer.

The emotions and polarity for specific features like car design, engine, door, style, headlamp, and price of the car model were gathered from each tweet are shown here.

We specialize in driving new insights for leading 50+ Forbes 2000 companies across a range of industries like Ecommerce, Automobile, Aviation, BFSI, Healthcare, Food, Information services, Advertising, and more.

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