Up-to-date and comprehensive job data feeds

job posting data

Xtract.io utilizes its homegrown automation platforms like Mobito and Worxtream, to crawl complex websites and export accurate job data in the desired delivery format.

Data solutions for recruiters, job boards, marketing, and sales

job data monitoring

Recruitment firms

Stay ahead of your competitors to spot and reach relevant employers aggregating current job postings

job board data

Job boards

Update your job boards with latest and reliable job data listings to attract both recruiters and job seekers

lead generation services

Lead Generation

Uncover new business opportunities and accelerate conversion rates eXtracting fresh job data feeds

market research

Market Research

Gain insights on industry and market trends and formulate better strategies with real-time job market data

How Xtract.io helps you eXtract clean and relevant job data feeds?

job data integration

Integrate seamlessly

Import clean and ready-to-use job posting dataset directly into recruitment systems like ATS, HRIS and other internal applications with flexible APIs

task automation

Automate complex tasks

Our home grown platforms like Mobito and Worxtream helps to parse complex job boards and automate end-to-end data processes and workflows

global coverage

Global coverage

Reach out to global audience with our accurate job data feeds aggregated from job boards and company pages spread across various regions and time-zones

data quality

Assured data quality

We combine automation with human expertise to provide you clean and high-quality job data that is enriched, cleansed, and validated to make it business ready

Reduced time-to-hire without sacrificing quality

The client was able to hire highly talented applicants with fresh and accurate candidate data eXtracted based on job title and skills.

Tailored job postings based on current market trends

Xtract.io performed competitor research on the job market that aided the client to optimize their job postings according to current trend.

Discover and attract top talents with fresh and tailored job data.

© 2024 Xtract.io Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd | All Rights Reserved | A Mobius Venture.

© 2024 Xtract.io Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd | All Rights Reserved | A Mobius Venture.