Let’s keep you undefeated on Amazon

Every challenge has a solution. Even if not, we are determined to create one. With SEOShelf, the Amazon listing optimization tool we don’t simply push you to the best spot in the Amazon marketplace, we also ensure your consistency.

data aggregation solution

Product listing analysis

We analyze the health of your listing in accordance with Amazon’s guidelines, including attribute fill-rate and number of images.

large-scale data

Keyword generation

We do thorough research on multiple platforms and of multiple sources to generate all possible keywords related to your products.

ecommerce retail analytics

Keyword screening

We shortlist the most powerful keywords based on the search volume and its relevance to your products so that your products stay atop.

data aggregation solution

Attributes structuring

We structure the title, key features, and description using potential keywords and categorize them based on priority.

large-scale data

Keyword monitoring

We give you instant insights on performance by monitoring search visibility, page views, sessions, and keyword tracking.

ecommerce retail analytics

Keyword intervention

We strategically analyze the non-performing keywords and suggest external measures to increase the visibility of the product.

Your best takeaways

data aggregation solution

Enhanced product optimization

large-scale data

Amplified revenue

ecommerce retail analytics

Insightful decisions

data aggregation solution

Reduced advertising cost of sales

large-scale data

Prompt global presence

ecommerce retail analytics

Own the buy-box



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