Enriching POI data with the right attributes

Strengthen your spatial analysis and build location intelligence with the right location data types and their identifiers.

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monitor pricing intelligence
monitor pricing intelligence

Discover our POI Database, LocationsXYZ

LocationsXYZ is an accurate POI database that provides the latest and real-time information about various POIs or locations. The database is updated periodically at 30-60-90 days intervals based on the changes in the information of the places.

LocationsXYZ consists of base attributes, chain-based attributes, and polygon identifiers that help us gain insights and make the right geography-driven decisions.

We offer a set of predefined attributes for every POI in the database. All our data consists of these attributes by default. Enrich your geospatial analysis through these important attributes.

Attributes Description Datatype Example
domain_id A unique identifier Integer 001
source The origin of the location (brand site or online maps) from where data is extracted. String acmestores.com
name Business, brand or POI name String Acme Fresh Market
location_name The name of the store or the brand in a specific location String Acme Fresh Market - Montrose
address Address number and road or street name String 3979 MEDINA RD
address_extended Block/Flat/Lane or any other address information of a location String LANE 4
locality City or town of a location String Hudson
region State, province or region of a location String OH
postcode Postal code or zipcode of the location Integer 44685
tel The phone or contact number of the location Integer 3308990526
country The 2 letter universal country code of the location String US
hours The opening and closing hours of a location in the POI’s local timezone String [{"days":["mon","tue","wed", "thu","fri"],"start_time":"09:00:00","end_time":"05:00:00"}]
website The official website maintained and monitored by the POI itself String https://www.pbteen.com/
email The email address of the POI String [email protected]
latitude Latitude coordinate of the place of interest Float 41.1380812
longitude Longitude coordinate of the place of interest Float -81.6420368

A chain (also known as a brand) consists of multiple stores or mom-and-pop stores in a locality. It helps you access information about these stores for better competitive analysis and market insights. Chain-based attributes schema includes base attributes and other vital information such as geography, amenities offered by a chain, a brand's social presence, and many more. All chain-based attributes are obtained based on subject to availability.

Attributes Description Datatype Example
amenities The facilities or amenities provided by a brand or store in a locatio String Internet access, vegan food, etc.
payment_method The permissible payment method by a POI List CREDIT CARD , VISA , MASTERCARD , AMERICAN EXPRESS , DISCOVER , APPLE PAY , GOOGLE PAY
directions The geographic direction provided in the maps to reach a specific location List Take right, Take left
naics_code A 6-digit North American Industry Classification System that classifies the industry that the POI belongs to Integer 445110
naics_description The name of the industry that the chain or store belongs String SUPERMARKETS AND OTHER GROCERY (EXCEPT CONVENIENCE) STORES
chain_name A larger chain or a store name String Acme Fresh Market
has_ecommerce Whether the brand or store are on ecommerce platforms Boolean Y/N
year_established The year of establishment of the chain or store Integer 1987
store_id The unique ID of the store provided by the chain Integer 445677
location_type The type of location that indicates the POI as provided by the chain store String Brand store/Franchise store/Dealer/etc.
wifi If the POI has wifi access or not Boolean Y/N
play_area If the POI has play area or not Boolean Y/N
reservations If the POI allows reservations to be made Boolean Y/N
wheelchair_accessible If the POI has wheelchair facility for customer Boolean Y/N
hotels_valet_parking If the POI has valet parking option for customers Boolean Y/N
atm If the POI has ATM facility in and around a location Boolean Y/N
open_24_hours If the POI is opened for 24 hours Boolean Y/N
delivery_available If the POI has home delivery options for customers Boolean Y/N
hotels_pet_friendly If the POI allows pets inside its location Boolean Y/N
restaurants_happy_hour If the POI is a restaurant and it offers happy hours to the customers Boolean Y/N
carryout If the POI has takeaway facility Boolean Y/N
car_wash If the POI has car wash is facility in and around the location Boolean Y/N
diesel If the POI is fuel station and if it serves diesel or not Boolean Y/N
hotels_exercise_facility If the POI has gym or any exercise facility Boolean Y/N
hotels_guest_laundry If the POI has laundry facility Boolean Y/N
Facebook_URL The Facebook account of the chain String https://www.facebook.com/AcmeFreshMarket/
GooglePlus_URL The Google Plus account of the chain String -
Instagram_URL The Instagram account of the chain String https://www.instagram.com/acmefreshmarket/
LinkedIn_URL The LinkedIn account of the chain String -
Pinterest_URL The Pinterest account of the chain String -
Twitter_URL The Twitter account of the chain String https://twitter.com/acmefreshmarket?lang=en
YouTube_URL The Youtube account of the chain String https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyj1-6k851pnLGjof_Gy9d
Tumblr_URL The Tumblr account of the chain String -
Yelp_URL The Yelp account of the chain String -
contact_name The name of the person to be contacted from the chain String John Adam
contact_titles The role or designation of the contact person String Sales Executive
contact_email The email address of the contact person String [email protected]
toll_free_number The toll-free customer support number Integer +1 866-800-9033

Polygons are the exact boundaries of a specific POI. We offer polygons for indoor mapping, site selection, geomarketing, and other use cases. Polygons include base attributes of POI and the following attributes.

Attributes Description Datatype Example
UID The unique ID provided for each polygon Integer 008
Polygon Coordinates The shape or boundary of a location in WKT format. String Polygon ((-121.663310 36.715207, -121.663310 36.715207))

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© 2024 Xtract.io Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd | All Rights Reserved | A Mobius Venture.