Leverage indoor mapping solutions to gain market insights

Get access to the most accurate and verified polygons that help you to improve customer experience and boost your business.

Effective indoor mapping and route planning systems with accurate POI datasets

Whether you own a shop inside a mall or provide navigation services to ride-sharing companies or use maps to deliver products to the customer - you need a real-time location reference point and LocationsXYZ helps you to visualize that exact location.

Explore polygon data to map the world in real-time and offer the best location navigation solutions

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Park and ride locations
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Accommodation and hotels
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Restaurants and food stores
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data processing
Airports and Heliports
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Indoor mapping systems and their valuable use cases

Improve customer experience inside a grocery store or retail outlet by positioning products accurately to fulfill customer needs easily

Optimize parking places in malls and large buildings so that it is easy for the user to find the most accurate route to park his or her vehicle with ease

Track customer movements inside a shopping mall through indoor mapping systems and analyze where people go, which spot is more crowded, etc.

Leverage airport space to establish effective indoor navigation systems that allow users to easily identify a store, lounge, boarding gates, baggage points, etc

Create reliable and exhaustive maps with updated POIs for faster navigation and cost-effective route planning for ridesharing and GIS solutions provider

Increase operational efficiency by improving warehouse logistics, i.e., streamlining inventory, mapping pick-ups, and exits of the warehouse

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Create, curate, and connect locations through efficient indoor mapping solutions

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