Strategize your sales and marketing efforts with the right data

sales and marketing intelligence

How can help you utilize data intelligence for long-term success?

B2B lead generation

Identify the right customer profiles with B2B lead generation

Strengthen your campaigns with the power of right data. We collect, enrich, and share insights on b2b contacts to help you target the right segment and personalize your efforts.

The role of in your sales and marketing campaigns

Target the right audience

Own a wealthy database

Enrich contact data

Deliver insights based on analytics

Implement personalization efforts

Safeguard brand reputation

Multiply conversions

Identify new businesses in your target segment

Track the potential prospects by identifying new entrants in the market. Identify registered domains in the same industry you target in real-time on a daily basis and communicate to establish connections with these prospects to boost your conversions.

company data information
b2b contact database

Improve conversions with a refreshed b2b contacts database

Enrich your CRM or any other sales lead database system with recent, fresh, complete, accurate, and comprehensive business contact information. Eliminate errors, obsolete data, and enrich contact data with periodic refreshes to set the right direction to attract and convert the right prospects.

See how Worxtream - managed Cognitive Process Automation platform can help you fulfill your data requirements.

data intelligence services
Growth hack your way to success with Data Intelligence.

Exclusive Whitepaper for Sales and Marketing Leaders.

competitive intelligence

Rethink strategies with competitor intelligence

Get empowered with insights gleaned from competitor data - financial data, pricing information, customer sentiments, and monitoring of new business domains. Apply these valuable insights for planning successful campaigns and making strategic business decisions.

Sentiment Analysis

Align your product and support experience and manage brand reputation through sentiment analysis on social media and in reviews and ratings.

Market intelligence

There is so much information available on the web - financial decisions of your competitors, mergers, and acquisitions, events related to investments, movement of top-level management, and more. This information can be utilized to tap into new business opportunities, analyze the market, and make smart business moves.

Public data is available to everyone and yet there are challenges in accessing, aggregating, structuring, and analyzing the tremendous volume. simplifies the entire process of b2b lead extraction through intelligent automation, aggregation, and delivering in digestible JSON, CSV, and XLS formats.

marketing intelligence

Curious about how we can help you rethink your strategies with the power of data?

Location intelligence

The geographic identity of a prospect helps marketers and sales leaders bring context to their messaging. You can track the potential customers beginning a venture in a particular location, offer coupons of relevant restaurants or coffee shops in and around an event you are attending and more.

These are just a few use cases of location intelligence. To know more about how you can contextualize your strategies.

location intelligence platform
online news monitoring

Newsfeed monitoring

Fine-tune your content marketing strategies, explore mergers and acquisitions, and closely monitor competitors by staying in the know of all the significant updates like trends, competitor activities, new entrants in the market, and more.

Share the list of keywords across any data point like entities, sentiments, and key terms that you want to monitor and our experts will feed you with insights in real-time derived from the web data.

online news monitoring

Data analytics

To create a context in communications, make the right business decisions, and to optimize the sales pipeline you need insights from data. Data analytics helps in identifying trends, forecast outcomes, and plan efficient campaigns through predictive modeling and sentiment analysis.

sentiment analysis dataset
crm integration

Integration with CRM systems | ERP | internal systems

Integrate all the data directly into your CRM, ERP or any in-house business contact database system with our modern APIs. Get ready-to-use dataset exported in any format like CSV, Excel, JSON, etc.

crm integration
case case
Targeted prospects and reduced sales cycle

The accurate list of high-quality prospects enabled sales reps to reach the right decision makers and pitch in the right solutions.

Engaged leads with personalized email campaigns

The client was able to send personalized email campaigns with the aggregated email list. Brand awareness was created on a global scale.

Launch successful campaigns with data intelligence.

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