Get structured data from complex and growing data sources.

Automate your unstructured data extraction with preconfigured custom workflows to extract business-critical data from massive PDFs, documents, emails, web, and internal systems within minutes.

Improve efficiency and reduce costs with automated unstructured data extraction.

Optimize sales funnel
Optimize sales funnel
predicting customer behavior
Predict business outcomes
data driven speed
Drive innovation at speed
data driven decisions
Enable data-driven decisions

Focus on your business while we make data work for you.

structured unstructured data

Structure data within and across multiple systems.

invoice data extraction
Automate invoice data extraction

Improve operational efficiencies extracting critical data points like invoice number, date, purchase details from pdfs, emails, fax, and more.

relevant contract data
Capture key contract data

Accelerate your analysis and improve compliance extracting key clauses from large-volumes of legal contracts and lease documents.

critical financial data
Extract critical financial data

Make data-informed investment decisions extracting critical financial data from PDFs, company filings, balance sheets, annual reports and more.

Validate company information
Validate company and contact data

Target businesses with reliable leads extracted based on location and industry from public sources, business directories, job portals.

data aggregation solution
Automate product data extraction

Improve your product experience extracting real-time prices and product data for thousands of SKUs from multiple eCommerce sites.

Structure large-scale data
Structure large-scale email data

Streamline business operations automating data exraction from emails and integrating them directly into your CRMs, ERPs, SCMs and more.

extract social media reviews
Extract social media reviews and ratings

Analyze customer sentiments uncovering context-rich insights hidden in the ocean of social media, networking sites, forums, and more.

Organize internal data
Organize your internal data

Increase data accessibility extracting critical information lying across multiple data warehouses, applications, and content repositories.

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Assured data quality

Assured data quality

Tight quality controls ensure your data is reliable and ready for direct business consumption.

Scalable architecture

Scalable architecture

Extract data from unstructured text files, and multiple sources with AI-powered proprietary platforms.

Powerful integrations

Powerful integrations

Integrate data into systems like Drupal, BigCommerce, Tableau, ERP, HRMS, both in the cloud and on-premises.

pre-built data validation

Pre-configured business rules

Make your data compliant to international standards with our pre-built data validation rules.

Flexible automation

Flexible automation

Off-the-shelf bots help you automate data extraction, enrichment, cleansing with zero technical hassle.

Manage data workflows

Manage all data workflows

Create, customize, coordinate, and automate all the data operations from a single place with role-based access.

Measure data performance

Measure your performance

Discover bottlenecks with reports and metrics measured along the entire unstructured data extraction process.

loop data validation

Human-in-the-loop data validation

Feedback mechanism ensures desired data accuracy is achieved when you automate data extraction.

Ready to transform your unstructured data into structured data assets?

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