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automated data extraction

Seamlessly bring data together from different sources

80% of the data is unstructured, and businesses need to extract information from unstructured data to embrace new business strategies, which is a significant challenge.

At Xtract.io , we bridge information gaps by automating data extraction from massive amounts of unstructured documents with our AI-powered unstructured data extraction services.

We extract information from heterogeneous sources and deliver actionable insights

email extraction Email
image extraction Image
pdf extraction PDF
invoice extraction Invoice
social media extraction Social media
web extraction Webpages

Revolutionize data strategy with robust unstructured data extraction tool

Our unstructured data extraction tool allows you to seamlessly extract information from unstructured text and derive precise business insights. We collect, standardize, and centralize all of your data, enabling stakeholders and decision-makers to access business-critical information quickly.

AI data extraction
AI-powered data extraction

Capture and extract relevant data from invoices, legal documents, financial PDFs stored in data warehouses. Transform your business through data extraction from billions of unstructured documents.

Effective data standardization
Effective data standardization

Update your internal database by extracting data from reliable third-party sources and standardizing your data as per industry regulations. Address business challenges and make informed business decisions.

accurate data validation
Accurate data validation

Check the accuracy of the company's database and use pre-built data validation rules to resolve any quality issues. Increase the confidence score of the extracted data by gaining access to accurate and up-to-date data.

Seamless data integration
Seamless data integration

Deploy data in the desired format into systems like Drupal, BigCommerce, Tableau, both in the cloud and on-premises with our powerful APIs. Access all the data across the globe seamlessly and meet a wide range of business requirements.

Why should you trust Xtract.io with unstructured data extraction?

multiple source data extraction
Versatile model

You may have adopted multiple approaches to extract different sources of data. We extract and analyze the data the way you need it, even from the most tangled sources with our AI-powered data extraction solution.

critical data points
On-time delivery

Get access to real-time data that meets your business needs on time. With our data extraction tool, you no longer need to wait for critical data points or be concerned about the quality of the data extracted.

AI data quality checks
In-built data quality checks

You may be hesitant to rely on the data extracted to make critical business decisions. We enforce data quality rules and checks to ensure the abstracted data is reliable and ready for direct business consumption.

secured centralized database
Unified view of data

You can access data at any time through a secured centralized database. We integrate updated data into the cloud and on-premises systems like Drupal, Tableau, HRMS, and predict business insights.

Case Studies

large-scale data
Spend less time on headhunting and more time growing your business

You can now hire fresh talents in less time and improve business productivity by extracting and analyzing accurate and fresh candidate data.

large-scale data
Create strategic financial solutions and boost business productivity

Our technical experts extract and integrate real-time financial data into your company’s database to provide you with seamless access to accurate financial information.

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© 2023 Mobius Knowledge Services
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