Modern data management solution to future-proof your business

Extract, organize, and access real-time web data and manage enterprise data effortlessly using our AI-powered data management solutions. Enable your organization to maintain centralized and unified data sources while ensuring consistency and accuracy.

Robust data management solutions to address all your data challenges

Our master data management solutions enable you to tap into hidden data and unlock intuitive insights. We deliver the benefits of improved information architecture to make the master data management process more straightforward and quicker by combining automation and human intelligence.

Unstructured Data Extraction

Identify and extract relevant information from complex unstructured data sources, and enable streamlined data analysis. Transform unstructured data into understandable formats to derive actionable insights and optimize business operations. Learn more | Blogs

Data Quality

Access deduplicated, validated, standardized, and enriched data and get accurate business insights. Create a centralized source of high-quality data with the help of our manual mapping and linking, normalization, and standardization processes. Learn more | Blogs

Data Extraction

Automate data extraction from multiple sources and integrate them into the cloud or your in-house system. Deploy our extract, transform, and load (ETL) process to build an efficient data warehouse and drive effective data strategies. Learn more | Blogs

Data Annotation

Streamline the data labeling process and accelerate your machine learning model training by leveraging our human-in-the-loop technology and advanced algorithms. Achieve precise data labeling with robust data annotation solutions for complex data types. Learn more | Blogs

Data Integration

Combine data from disparate sources using the latest data integration technologies and get a quick, unified view of the data. Receive a steady stream of high-quality data directly into your on-premise systems and the cloud through powerful API integration. Learn more | Blogs

Metadata Management

Define your datasets by managing metadata about acquired data and transforming them into an enterprise asset. Automate the processes that ensure accessibility, sharing, and analysis and manage data across teams while complying with data regulations. Learn more | Blogs

Data Modeling

Collaborate with data experts for a perfect data architecture based on best practices and industry requirements. Run your business applications seamlessly by processing high-quality, accurate, and well-structured data while also replicating decision processes effectively. Learn more | Blogs

Data Warehouse

Talk to our experts to deploy, configure, or tailor-make your enterprise data warehouses. Use our data warehousing solution built on technologies like AWS, Oracle, and Vertica to store, process, and access data from disparate sources for actionable insights. Learn more

Data Governance

Set and enforce policies that best suit you and establish guidelines that ensure data privacy and security. Gather insights into sensitive data consumption across teams, set user-based access for sensitive data, and deploy workflow and flag features to avoid data breaches.

Data Lake

Build a scalable centralized repository to store both your structured and unstructured data. Transform structured or unstructured data instantly or periodically and store a vast amount of raw data for as long as you need for data analytics and intelligence.

Unravel crucial business insights

Simplify your data management system and know everything you need to know about your business, competition, customer, and market. Handle all your data requirements, including unstructured data extraction, aggregation, integration, quality, governance, and security, with our master data management solution.

Gain business agility
Gain business agility

We help businesses make confident strategic decisions that align with changing market conditions. Our customer data management solutions provide instant data access to meet evolving customer needs and operate across numerous workstreams with better agility, authority, and reliance.

Get a unified view of critical data
Get a unified view of critical data

Our end-to-end master data management solution integrates data across disparate systems and eliminates data silos. We connect data from different sources, systems, and domains to create a unified view of accurate business-critical data so that you can analyze the data in a jiffy.

Use data compliance to your advantage
Use data compliance to your advantage

We aid organizations in achieving data transparency and building stronger, loyal business relationships. We help you implement data governance to upgrade and automate the data-sharing processes while adhering to evolving global data privacy standards for data collection, management, and application.

Drive digital transformation
Drive digital transformation

Our enterprise data management solutions help you get full returns on your digital transformation investments. We enable your operations with decades-old expertise, cutting-edge technologies, and state-of-the-art analytics to make the most out of your data, extracting more value and returns on investment.

casestudies casestudies

Explore how we helped a US-based travel and event intelligence provider automate data extraction from 63+ resources and enhance operational efficiency by 75% with intuitive data management solutions.


Explore how we helped a global Info Publisher save $300k annually with our hybrid solution that combines technology with manual human intervention to extract and validate data from over 250 data sources.

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© 2024 Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd | All Rights Reserved | A Mobius Venture.