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intelligent data extraction

Automatically capture the data from multiple sources

Every day, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated. Automate data extraction for structured and unstructured data sources with Xtract.io so you capture the greater value hidden in the data. Our intelligent data extraction solution enables automation for businesses to save time and costs, reduce manual errors, and improve data-driven decision-making.

AI Powered data extraction

Ingest automation in the data extraction process to gather any specific information instantly. Effectively transform the content extraction from external web sources or internal entity data sources of any size.

quality data validation

Make more confident business decisions by relying on our in-built data deduplication and validation tools to revolutionize data validation and feedback systems. Acquire high-quality data free of anomalies.

Intelligent document extraction
High data quality

Minimize the complexity of raw data making it easier to analyze. Our data aggregation solution ensures 90% data quality and ensures data is ready for analysis with data normalization and validation.

flexible data integration

Leverage all the data a business collects to be comparable and reliable. Our data aggregation platform standardizes all the relevant data into desired formats and makes the information easily accessible.

flexible data integration

Get a myriad of data inputs into a central unit. Integrate the data silos with powerful APIs into systems like Drupal, BigCommerce, ERP, and HRMS in the cloud and on-premises using our seamless data integration.

flexible data integration

Access the KPIs with custom metrics, intuitive dashboards, and reports instantly. Gain real-time updates and spend minimal time reviewing reports to identify and address your business challenges.

Any format, any source, clean data

Imagine clean and well-structured data all set to back your business decisions. Seamlessly handle huge amounts of complex data with our intelligent data extraction solution. Extract data from 280+ formats, including.

contracts documents extraction


image extraction


email data extraction


website data extractor


invoice data extraction

Invoice data

social media data extraction

Social media

extract from database


finance data extraction

Financial statements

Automate data intelligence with enhanced extraction

global places database

Achieve maximum ROI

Increase operational efficiency and improve the ROI by spotting anomalies and reducing human error. Formulate innovative business solutions and make strategic investments by gaining complete transparency over the extracted data.

periodic data refresh

Minimize manual intervention

Process millions of heterogeneous documents and extract information within a few minutes, automatically saving hours of manual work. Accelerate your business workflows while we extract, transform and load structured data into your database.

flexible format poi datasets

Optimize sales funnel

Analyze every customer touchpoint-generated data to target the right audience with effective marketing strategies. By accurately sourcing data with automated data extraction solutions, stay ahead of your competition and lead the market trends.

point of interest data

Enable data-driven decisions

Make data-backed business decisions and craft innovative solutions without putting the quality of the extracted data into question. Meet your company's objectives using the reliable data and metrics from our suite of data extraction tools and custom modules.

Explore how we helped a US-based travel and event intelligence provider automate data extraction and aggregation from 63+ resources on various data points, including POI and scheduled dates.

Explore how we helped a large B2B commercial data analytics and intelligence corporation provide accurate business insights through our homegrown, AI-powered data platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is data extraction?

Data extraction is gathering information from numerous sources and structuring it for later use. This can include extracting data from databases, websites, documents, and other structured or unstructured data sources. The data extraction solution aims to convert the raw data into an accessible form for analysis and integration with data systems. A data extraction solution is essential to prepare the data for analysis.

What are the methods for data extraction?

There are two primary methods to extract data: logical and physical. While both are used to crawl and retrieve data, their collection and processing methods differ.

Logical extraction is extracting data from a structured data source. It’s divided into two types: The full extraction pulls data from the source system. Incremental extraction aggregates updated data from the source.

Source systems often have certain restrictions or limits. In that case, data can be extracted only by physical extraction. There are two types of physical extraction: Online extraction aggregates real-time data from a fully functioning system. Offline extraction is where data is extracted from a system that is no longer running while the data is intentionally staged outside the source system.

What is data extraction used for?

A wide range of business processes relies on data extraction. It includes data warehousing, data analytics, data integration, business intelligence, market research, fraud detection, and more to maintain data quality and enrichment. Data extraction is a crucial process that helps organizations collect, process, and use data to support decision-making, boost the performance of the systems, improve efficiency, and drive better results.

How can I extract data quickly?

The most efficient method for extracting data is ETL (Extract- transform-load). It is crucial to pick an extraction technique depending on the type and format of the data. Implementing an automated data extraction solution is essential to save time and effort compared to manual data entry. Keeping the data sources clean, fresh, and organized ensures that the data is accurate and accessible. Xtract.io implements the best practices that organizations can use to leverage the full power of data. Reach out to us with business objectives to accelerate the data extraction process.

What tools are used for data extraction?

Data extraction tools are categorized into batch processing, open source, and cloud-based. The type of tool entirely depends on the purpose of the data that needs to be extracted and the process that aligns with a business goal. Xtract.io offers custom data extraction tools and APIs that are perfect for organizations determined to scale content extraction and gain complete control over the data extraction processing features.

Data collection Vs Data extraction: key differences?

Data extraction and collection are essential components of the data management process and are necessary to obtain high-quality, usable data.

Data collection refers to gathering data from various sources, such as websites, databases, surveys, and social media platforms. The data collected may be unstructured, such as text from a blog post, or structured, such as data from a database table.

Data extraction refers to the process of taking the data collected during data collection and transforming it into a usable format. This often involves filtering and transforming the data, such as extracting content for specific fields, converting text to numerical data, or transforming data into a specific format.

Can data extraction be automated?

Yes. Data extraction can be automated. The level of automation will depend on the specific requirements of the data extraction task, such as the data format, the data sources, and the end goal of the extraction. Automated data extraction solutions can save time, improve accuracy, and reduce the risk of human error compared to manual data extraction.

How can the data extraction process be improved?

Extraction performance can be improved by examining each component individually. Consistently reviewing and assessing the data extraction process can help identify areas for improvement and lead to ongoing improvements over time. Data quality checks and integrating data extraction with data management tools help streamline the overall data management process. Automating the process can make data extraction more efficient, accurate, and effective.

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© 2024 Xtract.io Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd | All Rights Reserved | A Mobius Venture.