Utilize our data management expertise and robust data integration technology in enabling easy access to trusted data

We integrate high-quality extracted data in various formats into your centralized systems using powerful APIs, enabling continuous data transfer across databases and reducing organizational latency.



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Gain quick access to a unified view of high-quality data while mitigating business risks

60% of businesses lack a properly functioning business strategy as the required data are fragmented. Creating a unified view of the right data is a challenging task. At Xtract.io, our technical experts create custom rules to integrate and store the right data at the right place and validate the integrated data using a human-in-the-loop approach to ensure that it adheres to the custom standards set to maintain accountability within the organization. Bring your data to a centralized location and accelerate your decision-making process with our automated data integration solution.

Add value to your business initiatives by integrating and analyzing the required data

accurate data integration


Get instant access to standardized and high-quality data.

flexible data integration


Connect to the data source in any format or type and deploy it in the desired system.

scalable data integration


Scale quickly with the latest analytics platforms and technologies.

business data integration

Access, process, and analyze critical data instantly

We strive to make a difference in your business by capturing massive amounts of data and integrating it to give you a complete view of business intelligence, insights, and analytics.

automated data integration
Better collaboration

Our automated data integration solution centralizes and provides updated data in no time. We ensure that the data is at your disposal, enabling you and your team members to achieve better cooperation and make strategic decisions based on standard data.

enhanced customer experience
Enhanced customer experience

We provide a 360-degree view of your customer by collecting and managing all relevant data from various sources such as CRM, emails, and independent databases. You can offer a unique customer experience by instantly deriving predictive insights from the data collected.

Seamless data access
Seamless data access

We integrate extracted data in various formats with powerful APIs into your centralized systems such as Drupal, ERP, and HRMS in the cloud and on-premises. You can now securely retrieve, inspect, analyze, and integrate data into any project at any time and from any location.

Improved business productivity
Improved business productivity

We ensure that up-to-date data are collected and delivered quickly, allowing you to develop innovative business ideas. Our configurable bots automate the data integration process, saving your valuable time and resources while yielding maximum profit.

AI data integration
Minimal human intervention

We process and manage millions of data points using a set of rules and guidelines assigned at the earlier stage, saving hours of manual labor and avoiding human error. You no longer have to be concerned about false, non-compliant data and organizational security breaches.

Access crucial business data easily with our pre-eminent data integration capabilities

best data integration solution
innovative data extraction

Data extraction

Discover and extract data automatically from data silos with our efficient extract, transform and load process. Analyze the extracted data, develop innovative solutions, and achieve a competitive edge in the market.

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data quality checks

Data quality

Ensure the data gathered is updated and ready to use from the start by spotting anomalies and deduplicating with data quality checks. Improve the quality of your business decisions by addressing data quality issues in your database.

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centralized data warehouse

Data Warehouse

Collect, organize and store sensitive business information into a centralized data warehouse. Analyze the customers, forecast the market trends, and stay ahead of your competitors by gaining access to the precise information stored.

Empower user data

Data lake

Store all your structured or unstructured data at any scale and run different types of analytics like visualization and machine learning. Empower users to collaborate and analyze data, improving operational efficiency and enabling faster decision making.

Integrate the right data in a flash

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