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data quality solutions

Data cleansing, matching, integration and MDM are essential actions that give context and completeness to your data. However, ensuring data quality is a complex and time-consuming process that takes 80% of your time.

How does Xtract.io help you?

data discovery

Automate your data management processes using proven, pre-built solutions

data extraction services

Build custom workflow that includes automation, data integrations, and human curations to solve your unique problems

data preparation tool

Build accurate datasets at scale for your ML models with data quality management tools

data quality management tools

Get rich insights through accurately matched diverse data sets

benefits of data quality

Manage data with Master Data Management solutions

Accelerate time to production with our data quality & management services

machine learning data quality
Data extraction

Gather data from millions
of sources for further processing, migration, storage,
and analytics

data enrichment
Data enrichment

Augment data from reliable third-party sources and enhance data quality to get in-depth insights

feature engineering
Feature Engineering

Target a specific feature and parts of a data point to equip your ML algorithms with granular details

data profiling services
Data profiling

Classify, categorize, and label data based on formats/samples to strengthen predictive analytics of the training datasets

data transformation
Data transformation

Normalize and standardize data values to make it homogeneous and compliant to universal formats

publish the data
Data publish

Get data delivered in any format - CSV, JSON or integrate directly to ERP, BI systems with powerful APIs

data cleansing services
Data cleansing

Detect outliers, spot errors, and eliminate bias in your datasets to ensure data is clean, comprehensive, and complete

data anonymization
Data Anonymization

Remove personal information from the database if your analytics or ML models do not require them


Data Automation platforms that
make it all happen

Our proprietary data quality tools include configurable bots, Worxtream, and Mojo that ensure end-to-end data quality.

data quality management system

Data Quality Solutions built as configurable bots

Data Validation Bot More than 350 validation and quality checking rules that are configurable

Record Matching Bots Available across different data types and contexts, for matching, clustering, and deduplication using fuzzy logic and AI

Reference Bots Look-up internal data sources or web/public data sources for confidence scoring

Data Conversion Bots Conversion from electronic format to another using rules and algorithms

Human curation integration Mojo platform for curation, validation, and advanced rules configurations and flexible integrations at the end or in between process steps

Worxtream - Workflow builder and orchestrator


Mojo - Data Annotation and curation platform

Human curation solution as downstream of automation workflow

Feedback from the human-in-loop workflow for ML model enhancement

Get a broader picture of our data quality and annotation platform and the features

data quality features

Enhance your data preparation for ML models with accurate and well-labeled datasets

A minor glitch or mishap in the quality of information fed into your ML algorithms can cause a major dysfunction. For ML models to function efficiently, they must be fed with large datasets that are clean, well-labeled, accurate, complete, and consistent.

data quality management system
Own high-quality datasets

ML models go through multiple training iterations. Achieve the desired level of cognitive capability with Mojo that helps in laundering the database, normalizing, standardizing, and labeling data with a human-in-loop approach to ensure data quality down to a granular level.

Automate the process

Data scientists spend a lot of time in preparing the data before building the training sets. The manual approach is prone to severe errors. Automate the process with Worxtream - a cognitive process automation platform, to identify data types, mismatches, potential data quality issues, and integrate data into your systems through APIs.

Handle the scale

Building an ML model is an on-going process. You may add additional datasets or review, modify, and edit the existing ones. We can handle millions of data seamlessly and enrich the training modules to help you achieve the desired level of cognitive capability.

Derive meaningful business insights with organized and well-structured data

Our data quality solutions will help you integrate structured, clean, and error-free data from disparate systems to your analytics pipeline.

importance of data quality in business analytics
Break data silos

Bring together data lying in silos with IT departments, ERP systems, or other databases within a single organization. Data mining and preprocessing helps you transform siloed data into an understandable format before bringing them into a data warehouse or big data lake or repository.

Make data feasible for analysis

Eliminate data anomalies by normalizing and standardizing various formats. Feed the right data into warehouses for accurate insights.

data quality analysis
data quality features

Data quality for Enterprise Data Management

As data scientists and data engineers who deal with huge datasets for machine learning and analytical projects, you need a single source of truth to store and manage millions of data.

Xtract.io facilitates in building MDM by streamlining the process of data management through data annotation, data cleansing, enrichment, and transformation.

Acquire and centralize data to a single repository (on-premises, in the cloud, or from third parties)

Enrichment of master data records to make it complete, comprehensive, and error-free

Create a trusted and holistic view to access data for both analytical and operational purposes

PIMworks, our home-grown Product Information Management platform facilitates eCommerce product data management. Our solution experts can help in building custom solutions to build your MDM.

Enrich and refresh your databases for enhanced business insight

quality data
Refresh your CRM for successful sales and marketing campaigns

Your CRM is the home for millions of data accumulated over the years. To implement successful campaigns, it is necessary that your database is accurate, fresh, and up-to-date. We can help you enrich your CRM with quality data and seamlessly integrate with your CRM with APIs.

Refresh and enrich your CRM

Run campaigns with confidence

Deliver insights based on analytics

Integrate data into CRM with APIs

whitepaper whitepaper
business data intelligence
Growth hack your way to success with Data Intelligence.

Exclusive Whitepaper for Sales and Marketing Leaders.

Smarter insights with data-driven analytics

Data ingested into BI tools like Tableau, Qlik, Power BI, and many others are in the form of complex and semi-structured files.

Xtract.io helps you transform this data, no matter how large or complex your files are through an extensive process of normalization, standardization, profiling, labeling, cleansing, and enrichment.

You don’t have to compromise on the quality of insights you derive from these BI tools owing to poor data quality . We can automate the entire process with an AI-powered data orchestration platform, Worxtream, that helps you achieve consistency in data structure before they can be fed into visualization tools.

data quality software
Customer Story
How we helped a market research company to conduct a study about an adult protein drink with the help of data quality.

A market research company conducted a study about an adult protein drink and presented their findings based on insights through data analysis and visualization. But, the foundation of this analysis was to own a clean database. Their database had information such as area wise population, population density, purchasing power parity, population growth, people with vitamin deficiency, sex ratio, etc. in an unstructured format with errors, missing values, obsolete data, and more.

We helped them with structuring and blending of data followed by data cleansing and enrichment in order to make it fit and functioning for further analysis.

Why spend time on data quality while we can do that for you.

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