points of interest dataset

Actionable location data to fuel your business growth

Access accurate data to build location intelligence

This sample includes POI data of "Target" and "McDonald's" stores.

The core of strategic business decisions is based on geography. Be it business expansions, contextual promotions or understanding competition, we can empower your location intelligence moves with accurate points of interest or POI dataset.

A geocentric approach for your strategic business moves

Our POI database contains over 5 million locations from 5,000 plus companies across 100 industries with details like address, city, state, zip code, latitude and longitude, among other key attributes

points of interest dataset

Build sustainable expansion strategies

Expand operations across lucrative locations considering competitor store locations data, demographic data or any other relevant geospatial data

points of interest database

Understand competition to fuel business growth

Get access to competitors’ physical store locations data by leveraging our points of interest database to get in-depth insights into the competitive landscape and make tactical business moves

point of interest gis data

Connect fast with customers through relevant messaging

Enrich customer experience by tailoring communication for relevant promotions like coupons and discounts with data-driven location intelligence solutions

Get your hands on the POI database available across industries at fastest web crawler

Access over 5M+ POI dataset






Banking and Finance




Food and Dining






Public Utility


Social, Travel and Leisure




Charitable Trusts


Businesses and Services

Geospatial intelligence with polygon data

Polygon creation is the clustering of various polygons drawn from the satellite imagery across the desired boundary to determine exact locations, landmarks, trends & patterns, highly-concentrated geometric boundaries, and distances between locations. These polygons of buildings and interior spaces include geocoding details like latitudes & longitudes or X & Y coordinates.

We create polygons of stores within a venue, airports, malls, parking lots and more, and deliver the polygon output in a format of your choice (well-known text, Geojson, Shapefile)

Rethink strategies ground-up

Monitor your competitors

Connect better with customers

Stay in the know of trends

We can deliver geospatial data off-the-shelf or on-demand. We have a repository of 3 million polygons across 3000+ chains in the US.

geospatial intelligence

Why choose LocationsXYZ for your POI Data needs?

We understand the significance of spatial intelligence for business planning and operations. We can deliver POI data with 95% accuracy through automated geospatial data aggregation combined with manual quality checks. You can get POI data off-the-shelf or on-demand. We have a repository of 5M POI locations database.

global places database

Wide coverage

Our store locations data covers a wide range of data points like amenities, company name, address, email, phone numbers to name a few

store location data

Periodic refresh

Get a periodic refresh of data in frequencies of 30-60-90 days to keep your POI database accurate and fresh all the time

poi datasets

Flexible formats

We can deliver POI location data in a variety of file formats including CSV, JSON, MS Excel, and the data can also be consumed through rest APIs

point of interest data

Preferred data points

If you do not want all the data points available in a category, we can fulfill on-demand data aggregation requests with a quick turnaround time

Identify business needs with Location Intelligence

Be it staying competitive, managing marketing campaigns, or building location-based mobile applications; spatial intelligence can help you uncover valuable insights.


Gain a competitive advantage


and forecast


Identify possibilities of new entrants


Know the customer journey

Frequently Asked Questions

faq-locationHow do you collect points of interest (POI) data?

Xtract.io collects POI data (first-party) data from official brand/chain locator websites.

faq-locationHow do you make sure that your POI data is accurate?

Once POI database is refreshed as per standard 30/60/90 days refresh cadence, Quality check process will be performed on each batch/output by ‘Process Excellence Group’ [PEG], an independent organization within Xtract.io, who scrutinizes the data using a predefined checklist to ensure batch/output meets the coverage and accuracy as required by the customer and is finally delivered to them.

faq-locationWhat are the attributes that are included in your datasets?

Our POI dataset includes a standard set of attributes such as business name, address, phone number, latitude and longitude, and much more. Additionally, we also provide information such as if a location has a parking facility, if it is a pet-friendly zone, etc.

faq-locationHow comprehensive is your POI database?

Xtract.io's POI database consists of 4.6+ million locations collected from 5000+ top brands spread across 11 main industries and 118 sub-industries. You can check the wide range of industries that we cater to here

faq-locationHow regularly do you update your points of interest database?

We follow a standard 30/60/90 days refresh cadence for our POI dataset. We have categorized all the chains into these three different refresh cadences based on the number of changes that we anticipate to happen within each chain and its historical data.

faq-locationIs it possible to tailor your POI data offering for my specific business requirements?

Yes, we can customize our POI data offering as per your requirements. We provide the data that you want and trust!

faq-locationWhat countries does your POI data cover?

Currently, we cover regions such as United States, Canada, UK, Australia, and Europe. However, Xtract.io can build and deliver POI data on-demand basis, as per your requirements.

faq-locationWhat are the formats in which you deliver your POI data?

We can deliver POI data in Excel, CSV, JSON or any other format as per your preference.

Uncover new opportunities and gain competitive advantage by tapping into precise location data.

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